The Duke of Edinburgh

Ron 'Chopper' Harris

Ron 'Chopper' Harris visits the Duke for his evening presentations on regular occasions. Some photos of previous evenings are shown below. The Duke of Edinburgh - it's the Home of the Legends. The last Chopper evening was 18th March 2013. Read more here.

Chopper Harris - Chelsea Legend

Chopper & Nick

George Best & Chopper Harris

Ron 'Chopper' Harris Ron Harris & Nick Chopper Harris & George Best

Chopper Harris, Bobby Tambling & Paul Canoville - 10 February 2014

The ever funny MC Micky Pugh 3 Legends with the FA Cup Nick with 3 legends & the FA Cup
King Canners signs his book Chopper Harris with an original signed shirt DJ & Bobby Tambling
Guests get ready for the start of the evening Two pub regulars enjoy the evening Paul Canoville & Micky Pugh
Bobby Tambling on the mic Ron Harris on the mic
The legends take questions from the floor Steve 'Super Jock' Finnieston on the mic 4 legends
DJ & Paul Canoville cfcuk gets parked in front of the camera at half time cfcuk is shown on the screens at half time!
Super Jock Finnieston holding the latest cfcuk Bobby Tambling holds up a signed & framed pic of himself for the charity auction Ron Harris holds up a framed puic signed by 11 of the old Chelsea squad

Chopper Harris & Ray Wilkins - 28 October 2013

The FA Cup - at the Duke... Ray Wilkins, Nick & Ron Harris hold the FA Cup - won in 1970 by Ron Harris' Chelsea team Ron with pub regular - holding the FA Cup
Ray Wilkins talks to a pub regular Ray with a pub regular Ray & Ron with two younger guests
Pub regulars and guests enjoy the evening Pub regulars - all 'proper Chelsea' Ray with pub regular
Ray was very entertaining Ray told some home-truths Aswell as the serious stories and opinion, Ray shared some funny times, too
Ray said it how it was - no punches pulled Ray answers a question from a guest
Ray with a more welcome (!) pub regular And Ron gets a kiss...
Ray with pub regular The end of the evening - the guys all agree iut was a fantastic evening

Chopper Harris & Jimmy Greaves - 10 June 2013 (with special guests Roy Bentley & Steve 'Super Jock' Finnieston)

Greavsie signs autographs Takes a drink! Greavsie signs a shirt
Greavsie in full story mode Great stories from Greavsie Greavsie raised many laughs
Willie the comedian takes over... Really funny guy Ron tells a few stories from his playing days
A signed Mourinho picture is auctioned for charity A signed Frank Lampard picture is auctioned for charity Ron 'Chopper' Harris & Steve 'Super Jock' Finnieston
Chopper Harris with pub regular Greavsie with pub regular Chopper Harris, Roy Bentely & Jimmy Greaves
Pub regular with Chopper Harris Roy Bentley with a pub regular Roy Bentley with pub regular
Pub regular with Roy Bentley Pub regular with Greavsie Steve 'Super Jock' Finnieston with pub regular

Chopper Harris, Kerry Dixon & Clive Walker - 18 March 2013

Willie the Comedian Clive Walker, Kerry Dixon, Nick & Chopper Harris Willie the Comedian
Kerry signs a shirt from the 80s Kerry with Pub regular Kerry with pub regular
Team Duke: Chloe Kerry with pub regular Kerry with Pub regular
Clive Walker with pub regular Kerry with pub regular Kerry shares a joke with pub regulars
Ron chats with pub regulars Pub regular chats with Ron & Willie Kerry with pub regular
Steve 'Super Jock' Finnieston Guests at the bar Pub regular with Clive Walker
Ron does the charity auction Charity auction items Ron answers questions
Ron with some signed & framed pictures The Bar The restaurant

Chopper Harris, Tommy Baldwin & Steve Finnieston - 08 October 2012

Nick with Tommy Baldwin & Chopper Harris Steve Finnieston, Tommy Baldwin, Nick & Chopper Harris Nick with Chopper Harris
3 Chelsea legends with two pub regulars who are Chelsea fans Tommy Baldwin with Micky Pugh Micky Pugh puts an audience question to Chopper Harris
Steve Finnieston adresses the audience, with Tommy Baldwin & Chopper Harris in support Steve Finnieston & MC Micky Pugh Chelsea hardcore fan Cathy speaks with MC Micky Pugh
Pub regular with Chopper Harris Steve Finnieston & Tommy Baldwin talk over the evening's events Nick & Chopper go trhough some old Chelsea faces used in a quick quiz.

Chopper Harris & Tommy Docherty

27 Feb 2012

Tommy Docherty, Micky Pugh & Ron Harris Tommy Docherty, Micky Pugh & Ron Harris Take some questions Tommy Docherty
Tommy Docherty, Micky Pugh & Ron Harris

The Doc answers a question.  Ron takes bids for a signed picture

MC Micky Pugh
Micky holds up a signed pic of George Best & Ron Harris Tommy Docherty recites one of his many stories Tommy Docherty with a pub regular
Pub regulars enjoying 'Chopper Harris Night' The Doc answers a question Tommy Docherty & Micky Pugh take comments and questions

Chopper Harris, John Hollins & Marvin Hinton

19 Sep 2011

Ron Harris, Marvin Hinton, Nick & John Hollins Nick with Marvin Hinton Nick & John Hollins
MC Micky Pugh warms the crowd up...

Micky Pugh introduces Ron Harris

John Hollins takes the stage, Ron & Micky are either side
John Hollins with a pub regular Chopper, John Hollins & Marvin Hinton sign autographed pictures 4th Chelsea Legend of the evening - Steve Finneston joins the pub regulars!
Marvin Hinton takes the stage... Marvin Hinton chats with a pub regular Chopper Harris signs his autograph for a pub regular

Chopper Harris, Peter Bonetti & John Dempsey

11 Apr 2011

John Dempsey, Nick, Peter Bonetti & Chopper Peter Bonetti John Dempsey takes the stage
Peter Bonetti & Chopper Harris

Nick & Chopper chat about the evening

Peter Bonetti with a pub regular
Pub Regular with Peter Bonetti Nick with John Dempsey & Peter Bonetti John Dempsey with pub regular

Chopper Harris & Bobby Tambling Evening

22 Nov 2010

Chopper with pub regular Nick & Bobby Tambling Bobby Tambling with pub regular

Chopper Harris & Charlie Cooke Evening

15 Feb 2010


Chopper Harris Evening

02 Nov 2009

Nick & Chopper Chopper takes the stage... Chopper & Nick
Chopper with Nick and a pub regular Chopper with two pub regulars Nick with some pub regulars
Chopper with a pub regular

Memorabilia for auction

Chopper recalls some heavy tackles...